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Canin Care
Tmi Niina Forsblom

IG: canincare

niina (at) canincare.com
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Kirvesniemenranta 23, Valkeala

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Something about us...

We do hope that we can raise the perfect companion for You and your family. However we hope that you understand that there is always a risk that something goes wrong and the dog will not entyrely full-fill your dreams.

To awoid some of those  we hope that you will consult us in situations where you feel you need help and let us help you the best way we can (like finding the best vet for your dog in case you need special care).

On the other hand we hope that you will feed the puppy with quality food products (atleast the first year), give him/her your atension what comes to behavior training, also physical training carefully thought for puppy age and later on for adults and what most important let them be dogs.

Also we hope that you have thought the fact what happens if the dog isn't (or will not be able) for that sport/ work you have hoped - do you have some other idea for a hobby? ;)
In the first hand we raise pet- dogs and if all "stars are in right place" some of them will shine on top of it all.

We hope to be part of your dogs life and to make that easyer we have Ciri Cirin closed Facebook group for You.


Here is a list of "money back- quarantee" situations:   (11.7.2017)

1. Testicle problem (kivesvika) =
1/3 from the prize money back.

2. Uncorrect bite AND needs surgery for normal life =
1/3 from the prize money back
(must be diagnosed before the age of one year and there can not be any accident involved)

3. Osteocondrosis (OCD) AND needs surgery =
1/3 from the prize money back
(must be diagnosed before the age of one year)

4. Hip dysplasia D or worse =
1/3 prize from next puppy.
(must be diagnosed before the age of three years and there can not be any accident involved)

5. Epilepsia AND needs medication =
New puppy
(timing of the new puppy will be discussed together between the family and breeder)

Here are the prizes that our pups have been earlyer:
A- litter:
Prize 1200€

B- litter:
Prize 1250€

C- litter:
Prize 1200€

D- litter:
Prize 1250€

Puppys will leave to new homes at the age of 8 weeks.
(+250€ if must be kept untill 15 weeks and needs passport and vaccination + extra de- worming)

If the dog will be x-rayed before the age of three from:
hips, shoulders and whole back AND will get official statement from country's Kennelclub (prefer Finnish kennelclud) the family will get 100€ back from the breeder.

This way we want to gain more info from our breeding and also to support familys to find out what theyr family member is made of.



Choosing the right puppy:
We don't let anyone to deside themselves which puppy will they take. We see the pups the most and that's why we do it together with the familys.

We have found this way to be the right way to make sure that the temperaments and natures will mach most perfectly.